Who We Are

The Company

Hallmark Mining Corporation (HMC) and Austral-Asia Link Mining Corporation (AALMC) are Philippine companies under the management of Asiaticus Management Corporation (AMCOR) and currently hold control of the Pujada Nickel Project. The MPSAs granted to these mining companies give the right of ingress and egress for the next 25 years and is renewable for the same period.

AMCOR was organized in 1996 to provide management, investment and technical advice for mining entities and companies with mineral claims. It is part of the Triplex Group of Companies a diversified group which is into manufacturing, paper converting and trading, stock brokerage, real estate, and mining.

Environment and Stewardship

The commitment to care for the environment, the host and neighboring communities will always be of primary importance. We aggressively mobilize resources in partnership with various stakeholders to help create livable mining host- and neighboring communities where people live decent quality lives in manners consistent with the principles of people empowerment and sustainable development.

Furthermore we promote a safe working environment and for several years has been recognized as having the Safest Explorations in the country.

ISO Certification

As a testament to our unwavering effort towards quality and environmental stewardship, Certification International Philippines (CIP) granted ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications for the 2nd Stage Audit done in September 2021.