The Future

Nickel is an important strategic metal, which is mainly used for stainless steel production. Currently Nickel demand is being driven by China and India, with Russia and Brazil beginning to bring demand growth due to increased industrialization.

Potential for the Pujada Nickel Project remains high; with an estimated ore reserve of over 25 years, we are poised to be a competitive and sustainable venture long into the future.

In addition to this, plans are already underway for the development of a Nickel Processing Plant in the Pujada Bay Area. This smelting facility will be able to process Nickel ore into billets that can supply downstream industries in the area that can convert the Nickel into products such as stainless steel. Byproducts from smelting will be used in hydroelectric power production, and excess production sold on the commercial market. This visionary project is seen to give back to the local communities by providing jobs, sustainability, a stronger economy, and improving these communities' living conditions and social status.